What it's all about

I was reading this news at Breitbart about the Dem debate the other night (last night, whatever), and let me lead with this: I didn't watch it, and I'm frankly not interested in the "debates" on either side. iMonk and I would have a better chance of actually "debating" something and helping to clarify any issue before I suspect and 2 politicians could "debate" something in public and actually change anyone's mind.

So that said, as I read that article, I was trying to figure out what the purpose of the "debate" was -- and plainly, it was to make decent reality TV, not to drive meaningful political discourse.

What a bunch of clowns. I feel sorry for them -- they each really think that they are entitled to run the largest country in the free world.

And just to keep the trolls at bey: that's not a slam on Democrats per se -- that's a slam on anyone who's a career politician who thinks they deserve a promotion.