Soccer Update

We played the undefeated team in the league last night, and they play a much more physical form of the game than we do -- we're more like '83 Liverpool and they're more like Hamburg '82. My kids, frankly, are little pints-sized boys who are good runners and breakers; the other kids are a little more likely to go head-to-head because they outweigh most of the others kids by 5 kg -- and when that's 20kg up against 25 kg, that's a big difference.

Anyway, we're calling it a moral victory. They didn't score any goals against our first-string goalie, and our second-string goalie (who is functional but autistic) only gave up 2. Final score: 2-1, and for the record we dominated time of possession, none of my boys went home crying because we lost, and no dads were in the net trying to avoid the character-building experience of being outplayed.

I told my son that sometimes you win by losing -- and giving our second team goalie his full 2-quarters was a win even if soccer rules say it's a loss.