Honest: my last post on this subject

It's just been that kind of week, so this is my last post until after October 31 on the Republican nominees.

I just wanted to point out that, two decades ago, I was an atheist who drank too much and did much worse. I was 24, just like Todd Palin was. Stupid kids.

If that's the worst the DNC and MSM can do against the Palins, Obama's campaign is doomed.

UPDATED: From the National Review --
We can only hope those involved have begun to come to their senses, and that they recognize the magnitude of their failure this week. That doesn’t mean they should go easy on Palin: it makes sense to look into her past (as it would make sense to look into Obama’s past at some point before November too), and she certainly needs to prove herself tonight and beyond, as any vice presidential candidate has to. But the treatment she has received is not what just any VP candidate would get, and the attitude and assumptions underlying this week’s amazing assault raise very troubling questions about the cream of the crop of political reporters. They have shown themselves to be too insulated and too solipsistic to help the public better understand our politics, and too self-important to report on events as they happen. This is far more than media bias. Let us hope it is a passing episode.

UPDATE: There is a vernacular phrase for the summary of this speech, but we don't talk like that here.

UPDATED: Dan Phillips -- you may have heard of him -- has a few things to say to and about Governor Palin.

Overheard on MSN LiveMessenger:

Frank says:
> Controversial world view: God is sovereign.
Frank says:
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/02/palins-church-may-have-sh_n_123205.html
Frank says:
> As opposed to Obama's pastor's view about race relations.
[Yukon_Jack] says:
> if i find out that palin plays fantasy ball i may just break down and cry
[Yukon_Jack] says:
> this is all too much

And this is how we know we're beyond the pale: "If only he had taken in Hillary as his VP!" Newsflash for the mad masses: Hillary doesn't want to be VP as it would be beneath her to top out in the second-to-last seat.

Krauthammer hammers Charlie Gibson.