what's the point?

Because I don't really have time today to post what I intended to post over at TeamPyro today, I'm going to post this here as a prelude to a new topic for this blog, which is the Lord's Supper. And it's a long prelude to that topic, but today's post is relatively short.

I want everyone to think for a few minutes today about Genesis 1. But in order to think about Genesis 1, we need to start in Genesis 3.

Now, here's the topic for you to hash out in the meta while I attend to the business of life: Genesis 3 is about something, right? Now, if all of you would put aside your well-catechized systematics for 10 minutes today, I want you to re-read Genesis 3 and tell us in 10,000 characters or less what the purpose or objective of Genesis 3 is.

Re-read it, think about it, and post your thinkings in the meta.