morning human interest story

Video of Sarah Palin has surfaced in which a Kenyan bishop blesses her with a protection from Witchcraft.

Now, here's why I bring it up:

[1] I wonder why a blessing of this sort is such an issue? Does the Obama campaign have something against the religion of witchcraft, or does it endorse the idea that witchcraft is a legitimate religious practice which, often, stands opposed to some Christian beliefs?

[2] I wonder if there is any footage of Joe Biden at the Catholic Easter service renouncing "Satan" and "All his evil works", thereafter to be sprinkled by the priest at-hand? And would this public renunciation cause a stir among the secularists? Prolly no video there as pulling out a camera during the mass is a frowned upon, but it's a question that people who hate religionists should ask.

[3] I wonder if any of the so-called "God-bloggers" (Malkin, Hewitt, their ilk) have an ability to respond to the charge that this video is somehow incriminating toward Governor Palin? Check back on this post, and as necessary I'll link back to their responses.