[*] "We stand for unity! Anathema!"

About 18 months ago, I was giving some Catholic advocates the chance to describe what unity means to them -- how the Catholic church stands for unity. As it turns out, they were all able to agree on one thing: the anathema keeps the Catholic church unified.

I bring that up because there was something very interesting that happened today at reformedcatholicism.com. I was giving Kevin and Tim a hard time about Kevin's statement that Abraham "knew not Christ", and as the conversation ensued, Perry called me a gnostic. Well, I heckled back. As the "Discussion" spilled out into the sidewalk, because Kevin didn't like my insinuation that if he was actually concerned about unity in the body of Christ he might himself be able to demonstrate it by sticking with one local body for longer than 18 months, he banned me! {EDIT} I admit, btw, that dragging his church-hopping into the discussion was, at best, barely relevant, but it was at least as relevant as Perry calling me a gnostic after Kevin just finished a soliloquy on the dangers of propositional truth in doctrine. {/EDIT}

Oh man -- great stuff. Their link will stay on our page just for the laughs. And if anybody sees Kevin Johnson, tell him he can come by here and debate the matter of Abraham's faith any time.