[$] Eventually, everything makes sense

I have to go back on my word not to comment on the TELIP tattoo because of thisnews story. Yes, technically, they say that no health risk has been measured or clinically proven, but if this much copper was in your drinking water, the EPA would be in your kitchen assessing you and your water provider with a fine. If this level of nickel was found in the fish in the local lake, some smelly tree hugger would be protesting the evils of Western Civilization.

The good news, btw, comes at the end of the article:
Right now, tattoo removal is a fairly difficult process -- often requiring several laser treatments to lighten the tattoo, with varying aesthetic results. It's possible, Wagner said, that knowing the exact composition of tattoo pigments will help refine tattoo removal techniques.
And that will be the last time I mention this. Unless I can find another funny joke about it.

And for those of you reading the time & date stamp, yes I do stay up all night worrying about Red. My kids are turning out just fine, so I have to put that leftover energy to some good use.