[%] It's Phil Johnson's fault ...

... that the blog is stalled. I have been reading his blog (linked at the right) and the comments, and writing responses to the usual suspects.

And I have also run into a MT/TR advocate at CARM, which is distracting me from the next part of the series on 1Cor 15.

So I blame Phil Johnson and Tallen for not blogging. And I blame you, the reader, for thinking poorly of me while the blog has been stalled. It's like the girl who wears a short skirt to church and then blames your "dirty mind" for staring at her.

I'm not lazy: you have a dirty mind.


Mark said...

Maybe you can help me come up with a reason why I can't seem to keep my blog updated. Whadda ya say?


FX Turk said...

Your best 2 excuses:

(1) "I'm trying to keep my room mate from blogging"

(2) "My wife said I couldn't blog anymore".

After that, everything else smells fishy.