[*] "Mental instability"

I just wanted to point out a fanscinating development in the Monk argument. "Broken Messenger" has apparently banned me from making comments on his blog -- even though he cannot even get my initial complaint against iMonk correct.

See: I'm the bad guy here. The fellow with the open comments and the wherewithal to cite the text I object to in large chunks so that the context can be read without the impairment of elipses or my own failed ability to paraphrase.

And for the record: look up the phrase "mental instability" in this blog. The only place you'll find it is in this particular post. When the advocates for iMonk's innocence can get that straight -- and they have yet to straighten that out -- they will have ample ground upon which to begin to address the issues I have been very particular to examine over the last 75 weeks 6 days.