How the church works

I just got an e-mail that looks something like this. I have edited it for the sake of the privacy of those it speaks of:
    A single mom would be interested in visiting [our church], but needs transportation. She is legally blind. She has a [high school] daughter, [name1], and a [grade school] daughter, [name2]. [name2] also wants to come to Awana. If anyone would be willing to pursue this and help with transportation for this family to attend church, or if a Community Life class would take this on as an outreach, please contact the church office to get connected to them.
Some of you might want to rail on against the limited scope of this "outreach". Tell you what: you make a list of the blind single moms your church ministers to in your way, and if it's longer than the list at our church, you can look over the top of your reading glasses and down your latte cup at us.

The church works when it is joyfully rescuing people from hell, meeting their earthly needs, making them glad in God, and doing that with a kind and serious pleasure that makes CHRIST look like the treasure He is.

Yes, I stole that from Piper. Inasmuch as he is an imitator of Christ, I will imitate him.