Awright awready: stop asking

Many of you have asked what's up with me, and since I have started my new job I think I can come clean. I will not post on this subject again because it's a "this is where I am right now", and, of course, we all know what to think about posts like that.

Back in July I had a conversation with my then-employer about the goings-on there, and while they were extremely nice about it they made it clear that the job I had would probably not be in the org chart in 2009. So about that time, I started looking.

Around the first week of September, I got an offer from LM Glasfiber, and I accepted -- in spite of the fact that it's a 4-hour commute one-way and it means we have to sell the bookstore.

I've worked there 2 weeks, and frankly I love it. I'm a little homesick when I'm not at work, but I'm 43. I suspect I will get over it.

If you're looking for a confessional piece about how hard it is to move or to be away from my family, forget it. My friends know what we're going through, and the rest is voyuerism.

So I'm moving to Little Rock because there's a job there and there's not one in Siloam Springs.