Let's be clear that my primary motive here is to win my pastor 2 tickets to the DG 2009 Pastor's conference -- but let's also not think, then, that somehow this post is phony fictional flippancy.

My Pastor's name is Tad Thompson, and he's the pastor of Harvard Avenue Baptist Church (HABC) in Siloam Springs, AR. And I think that if I gave myself 5,000 words to tell you why I am thankful for him, I could use them all up. But I want to reflect the spirit of the blog which inspired this post, so I will keep it brief.

There are no perfect churches in the world -- none. Some are better than others, but there are no churches which are like the final assembly of all the believers in the final account in Revelation. HABC is not a perfect church.

But there are two things which are true about HABC today which are to its credit: it is a church where people love people, and it is a church where God is honored by the preaching of His word. This fact about our church, to the extent that it is the heart of our church, is due to the commitment and patience of our imperfect pastor who loves his Mighty and Merciful God, the wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for Tad Thompson, and I am proud to call him my friend. May God pour out a double portion of His spirit on Tad in the years to come.