Weekend Red Meat

Yeah: OK. Here's the thing. I made a comment on someone's facebook page, and here's the thread:

For the record, names have been defaced to protect the unintentionally-involved.

So let's begin here: Mark Driscoll's talk at Advance09 was good, yes? Anyone want to say it was bad? I didn't think so. It's a good talk.

So what's the bee in my bonnet already? Can't I just let it go -- his people go his way and I go find me a nice reformed baptist cell that listens to John MacArthur podcasts and be done?

Yeah, no. I prolly could have let it go if the facebooker after me hadn't jumped to the "Mark Driscoll is a humble and contrite man" button, and then the last facebooker asking what exactly I meant.

Here's what I meant: I think it takes a significant amount of some version of what his second talk was decrying to give that talk when he has yet to actually make any serious or significant repentance for the long litany of vile talk which issues from his pulpit.

"'Issues'?" comes the defender of Pastor Driscoll. "'Issues'? You mean 'issued', cent: when was the last time you heard any vile talk from the pulpit of Mars Hill?"

That's amusing, yo. So without issuing any apologies for all the vile talk in the past, say, 18 months, he goes about 90 days without a dirty joke or a scatalogical reference, and we call that "repentance"?

I think we can call Pat Robertson repentant of being a false prophet if that's the standard. I'd like to hear comments about that.

In fact, I insist. This'll be the post for the week here at the blog unless someone says something utterly stupendous in the meta.

UPDATED: Other comments on this matter bubbling up at johnMark's blog.