Not done lightly - sidebar

Since dissenting voices and complainers are being moderated out (and it's whooly the right of the site owner/operator/barkeep to do sech a thing), take a look at this gem of an open mike at

I haven't got all the way through it. Feel free to comment here, but within two rules:

[1] no personal shots at the proprietor or his legion of commentors. Stuff like, "what did you expect from these people?" or speculations on the heretical pH of the comments will be dealt with harshly, if not in a timely manner. I don't personally have a great appetite for what's being said over there, but it doesn't improve anything by throwing rocks at them.

[2] if you can't think of what else to say about that thread, think about this: what does that thread tell us about whether or not the people out there who say they are christians care about the Gospel as a foundation and a means for reconciling (as they say) Jew and Gentile into one new mankind.