How to maintain your fix

The few of you who are still hard-core fans of this blog are, of course, waiting for me to post something here pithy, edifying, and funny.

Truth be told: I have a great job. Finally, after 20 years, I have a job which challenges me and really does take all day for me to finish up. And that bites into my blogging.

So here's the deal:

1. I promise to blog something here at least once a week to keep it fresh. Expect it on either Mondays or Fridays; I'll blog both if I can fit it in. I am also working on a template upgrade and how to make ECHO a non-embarassment.

2. Wednesday is still my day at TeamPyro, and you can pop in there to catch my antics as we light up the post-evangelical frontier. On Wednesdays. Dan and Phil and Charles Spurgeon are responsible for the other 6 days aweek.

3. About twice a week I'll be posting at's Evangel blog. If you want to follow just my blogging there, you can bookmark my author's page at Evangel and enjoy.

4. I almost forgot that you can follow me on Twitter; the last few tweets are in the sidebar here. Twitter can almost be as fun as the comments here used to be -- except that there is no clowning. What is the blogosphere if there is no clowning?