Briefly today

I don't have any global warming updates today as winter is over and the true believers in global warming don't have to fight off doubt since they aren't freezing to death. And 6 months too late to be trendy, my wife and youngest precious cargo have apparently developed Swine Flu -- or at least "type A" influenza. So I spend my weekend dispensing Tamiflu and doing laundry. I'm also feeling a little run down m'self, so no handshakes or hugs for the next 10 days if you know what's good for you.

All of that to say this: life is full of ordinary things. The seasons change. We get sick, and God willing, we get better because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and there are doctors in our neck of the woods, and God is also gracious. We have friends who care about what's happening to us. The sun comes out and our pets and our children like to wiggle and romp in the warm, bright light.

And sometimes, we forget how brilliant all of that is. I don't have a short story or a parable about that right now -- I'm just at work, doing the things God has ordained will ordinarily get the job done. And I think I love it.

I hope some of that rubs off on your today, too.