Facts about Lightning

Before I get to the reason I'm posting today (meager as it is), let me confess that my blogging output is in the stink-bucket. Sorry about that to all the fans and peeps. The only way to resolve that is to win the PowerBall, so if you folks want to buy me lottery tickets, I promises here in public and in writing to split the winning ticket with the person who bought it for me 60-40, where you get 60 and I get 40.

Not that I'm encouraging gambling or violating any of my deeply-held principles about the stupidity tax: I'm just saying that the only way to improve my blogging output is to become independently wealthy -- becuase I have a great job which really consumes all my mental and creative energy.

OK -- Thanks for that.

Did you know that more people are killed annually by lightning strikes than by tornadoes and hurricanes? That's what's reported here (Thanks Google Documents!), along with other fun facts about how not to be one of those people.

Tom Ascol: take note.


Tom said...

Duly noted. :)

Rob Bailey said...

you just wasted your time even logging in. our church would not take the tithe from the power ball winnings.

Rachael Starke said...

My dear spiritual mentor, a longtime Bible professor at Bob Jones and then Master's, once had a conversation with another professor colleague that went something like this:

My friend - "Would you ever buy a lottery ticket?"
Colleague - "No. That's gambling."
My friend - "Would you ever accept one as a gift?"
Colleague - "Sure. That's a gift."
My friend - "In that case, I'll go buy you one and buy me one and we'll both be fine."


Gilbert said...

We've been hit this evening with a storm, and a few miles north of me, they've received 6" of rain (10"+ over a 2 day period about 30 miles northwest of me). I blame non-gadfly Calvanists. Jerks. ;-P

Becky Schell said...

On facebook there is a new page people keep directing me to that enables you to tell when someone has unfriended you. I am not interested in that app, but I was thinking about it yesterday and thinking about the newsfeed and it occurred to me that there hadn't been anything on the newsfeed from you (and some others) in a long time. Then I briefly wondered if you had unfriended me (narcissistically speaking) and then I realized you hadn't posted anything here either. Now I know why.

Having a good job that is keeping you busy and keeping the family afloat is a good thing in this economy. Thanks for letting us know.

Jim Crigler said...

You could always pull a Robert Schuller/Chales Stanley move and become and Amway distributor.

Adam said...

Dear Centurion,
What is your job?


FX Turk said...

I'm a stone-cold killah.

philness said...

According to the linked article seconds between the lightening flash and the thunder crash divided by 5 is the lightening distance in miles.

I never knew to divide by 5. Holy hair follicles! I was closer to being struck than I thought.

Doug Hibbard said...

And to think, the other night I was walking people in from the parking lot during a thunderstorm and holding an umbrella. Almost created a pastoral vacancy in south Arkansas.


Rob Bailey said...

I was thinking cold blooded. Or, bag of hammers.