Evolution vs. Parenthood

Have I really not posted a thing since July? I think that's actually criminal. Sorry for the unprogrammed hiatus.

I was reading this gem about human evolution, and I even commented in the thread. I scratched the surface of the problems with that article in my comments there, but there is sooo much wrong with what's being mulled over there I had to link you few remaining die-hard readers to it.

I'm willing to concede evolution for the sake of the discussion, btw. But one thing this discussion completely overlooks is that the way we make babies today in almost 99.99999% of the cases is by having sex -- not through some process akin to researching and then writing and defending a doctoral thesis on the desirable genetic markers in a set of single-source female gametes. I mean: my kids were not the product of some fully-reasoned process by which my wife and I thought about all the likely needs they would have and thereby first provided for all of them, then instituted scientific trial to create their perfect encoded sequence.

My children are a product of love -- and I hope yours are, too. And here's the crazy thing about love: I loved them before I knew them.



David Regier said...

I love to see Science betray itself by showing its biases. Lewis' Abolition of Man (as well as the Space Trilogy) pretty much predicted all this.

As far as the childmaking thing goes, the Bible calls having sex "knowing." There's probably more to that than we imagine. God seems to choose His words carefully.

Perhaps these scientists have never "known" anything.

Zachary Bartels said...


Aww, crap.

Zachary Bartels said...

"They won't spent $3 on condoms, but they'll spend real money to "select" the genetic make-up of their children? Really?"


(oh, and the word verification I have to type in is "china." I'll give you a moment to let the irony sink in.)

David Regier said...


The FIRST! shall be last.

There. You've been holified!

Zachary Bartels said...

HA! It's already catching on! :D

FX Turk said...

You ruin everything, Bartels. The metaphor I have to drive that home is so earthy, I'll only share it with you when we have lunch next week in Detroit.

Zachary Bartels said...

> You ruin everything, Bartels.

That's my spiritual gift.

P.D. Nelson said...

An utter pleasure, and I mean that to the Nth degree, on seeing you post here again. As always your comments are pithy and to the point sadly those on that thread still didn't get it.

Children are the products of love how profound a statement especially in light of the fact that we reflect what God did in the ultimate. He loved us before we existed yet he knew us.

Thanks Frank that is an excellent thought for the entire week.

Matt L. said...

I can't even think about that article before I've had my morning soma.

Aaron said...

So a few years from now when I tell my daughters that I bought her from the hospital and want a refund, she might actually believe me!