Calvinist Gadfly dot com (2)

Well, it's alive.

The master plan is to make the first couple-hundred weeks of posts about the Larger Westminster Catechism so that the readers are thinking about actual Calvinism and not their view of what they think Calvinism is -- including necessary consequences, such as how we view the church, and how we live in the real world -- and then there can reall be some throwing down against whatever it is that is not Calvinism.

That's a departure from the original Gadfly, may he rest in peace: Gadfly 1.0 was an apologetics site aimed at/against the anti-calvinistic of all shape and stripe. I don't have that kind of time or energy, to be honest, but I do have a real affection for the fact that we have a savior who actually saves, and I think all kinds of people should be stung a little by that -- especially those who believe what I believe there.

Also, I am considering migrating this blog to that URL for the same of simplifying my blog life. DJP pointed out that this blog has been dormant (to say the least) for about 6 months and that if I were anyone else he would have delinked me already.

I don't really want DJP to delink me, but he has a point. Stay tuned for developments.


DJP said...

...and DJP doesn't want to de-link you.

Brent said...

So is that your character in City of Heroes?