[$] I'm boycotting "expanding posts"

I was just reading through Blogger's hacks, and I found the "expanding post" hack -- you know the one. You're reading Blog, you think that Blog-author has said something pithy in a few words and since you have the attention span of a puppy full of Coke you rejoice that it is a short Blog. Then your eyes reach the end of the last sentence and it says, "Read More!" or "Continue reading!" or "More ..."

Hey: Blogger. I would read more if it was right there. I was, in fact, reading, but I was interrupted by your gratuitous link which truncated your pithy scribing mid-sentence. Now I don't care. Now I'm going to comics.com or (well, let's not get stupid) back to work because you have frustrated my reading shwerve.

Boycott expanding posts. Read more, not less; click less, not more.


Steve Scott said...

My blogs don't have any!

BlackCalvinist aka G.R.A.C.E. Preecha said...

*kicks Frank in the shins*

So sue me. I don't want a 10-mile long blog post to be the first one you hit on my front page, so I use the 'more' function. :-p

FX Turk said...


Don't make me send johnMark over to your house to find a new sparring partner, 'k? You people and your "more" links give long-winded self-aggrandizement a bad name -- and that's saying something since I have been giving it a bad name since I wrote my Master's Thesis in 1989-90.(note the long-winded self-aggrandizement -- and not links were injured to make it possible)

The only reason I'm not sending the boys over to explain it to you is because you got "the link". It's not an average man who understands the value of "the link" (cf. Pedantic Protestant), and in that I turn the other cheek even though you are clearly wrong about "more..."