Fair is fair

I had some choice words for Teen Mania in a previous post, and so that none of those statements can be misunderestood, I am directing you to the CharityNavigator site for Teen mania.

Things that are relevant to that information:
  • It is interesting to note that, unlike some "evangelical" ministries, Ron Luce does not have multiple fronts for his organization. That is: BattleCry, Teen Mania, Honor Academy and all the rest are all under the top-line heading of "Teen Mania", and Mr. Luce doesn't draw multiple salaries. That may not seem like much, but it's what I would call a credibility builder for the guy's character. He may be wrong theologically, but he doesn't try to milk his ministry.
  • Principle salaries are listed at CharityNavigator, and it is clear that Katie Luce draws a secretary's salary. It's actually a secretary-sized salary and not some ridiculous cover for an addition 100-large to come into the Luce coffers. Again, that's a thumb's up for credibility.
  • CN also gives TM a 4-star rating, which is very good. It means that a large portion of the money coming in goes back directly into the charity's functions.
So as you think about what I said about the theology of Teen Mania, let's make sure we don't confuse that with the accounting practices or the operation of Teen Mania. They run a reputable ship and are not profiteering or funneling money to the top of the organization but are doing what they say they will do.

For the record, OK?