Meme Awards

Big-time, fancy-schmancy blogger Rebecca from Rebecca Writes just tagged me with the award you see to the right, and apparently one is obliged to tag others with said award when one receives it.

Rebecca said this about me:
Okay, I’m going to give an award to Frank Turk of ...and his ministers a flame of fire, although he’s probably too fancy-schmancy big-time to play along or even pay this award any mind whatsoever. What can I say? His posts always cause me to think, even when my main thought is, “How long did it take him to come up with that turn of phrase?” And I really like that the gospel is front and center, right to left, top to bottom on his blog.
Which is very nice. For the record, Rebecca, I have a staff of apostate jesuits who spend 10 hours a day reading the Bible, Piper, and George Bernard Shaw, 5 hours a day watching 30 Rock and reruns of ST:Voyager, 5 hours a day reading blogs, one hour each writing and 3 hours sleeping. I read their daily output like some mad Johnny Carson and glean the best for my blog.

As for those who will get my nod for this thinker's award, here's my short list:
  • My good friend Dan Phillips who is a much better homilist than I am. He's far less scatter-brained and far more shrewd. You should read his blog more often.
  • Doug Wilson's blog, because you don't come across his brand of evil genius every day. I'll probably never make it to Idaho, but I'm going to enjoy singing presbyterian hymnody with Doug at the wedding feast of the lamb.
  • Mark Horne is a pretty good read, but his blog is so weaponized with links and advertisements, you had better protect yourself.
I'd list the sidekicks, but lately their blogs have been a little flat. And of course, I'd list Desiring God, but they don't need any awards and you're reading them already.

Don't be offended if I didn't list you. Very few things really start my wheels turning, and usually it's not people who agree with me so much that make me engage the cognitive engine.

Thanks Rebecca.