Compare and Contrast

I was reading the news this evening, and I came across this piece from AP on the rain in NYC. It made me think about a couple of things, and I thought I'd share.

The first thing is this:
The storm, which also spawned a rare tornado, hit just before dawn. By rush hour, the subway system was virtually paralyzed when pumping stations became overwhelmed. Bedlam resulted from too much rain, too fast; some suburban commuters spent a half day just getting to work.

"One big rain and it all falls apart," said Ruby Russel, 64, as she sat waiting on a train in Brooklyn. She had been trying to get to Manhattan for three hours.
Indeed. "One big rain". But seriously, you'd think a city like that would have someone checking the pumps or something. Maybe a rivet inspector. Where did inspections go wrong?

Because we don't want to be too God-centered, do we? We don't want the pith of an older woman to cause us to reflect on how fragile we really are, even in our monuments to ourselves in a city like New York. Thinking that maybe we shouldn't trust in chariots and horses, so to speak, but in God is far too high-brow at a moment like this.

Especially when there's one big rain and it all falls apart. God wouldn't do something like that, would He?