Programming notes from Hiatus

[1] Bob Hyatt has asked me if I think John Stott is going to hell for writing that hell is really annihilation and not torment, not eternal suffering. The answer to that question deserves some space here when the hiatus is over.

[2] Hyatt, btw, has posted the first seriously-funny responses to Phil's Emergent-See posters -- even though he's ashamed of them and thinks they won;t cause anyone to change their minds. I go back to the things he quotes me saying: [a] I'd love to eat my words here; I'd love it if someone really, really went through the archives and made some "PyroMedia" posters which went after our many foibles -- so kudos for him for making a good show of it; [b] Notice how commenter "Dustin" doesn't waste any time getting down to brass tacks with his assessment of the issues:

this guys an ass-clown.

Posted by: Dustin | August 09, 2007 at 10:13 PM
I post it here only because Dustin's penetrating insights will probably be deleted by Bob when he sees his blog this morning.

[3] Yeah, ok: Zens paper. I won't forget.