obama plays his trump card

Let me say frankly that Senator Obama gets points for being the only guy who could say this and not get tagged as a sexist.

Why? Because you can't call a black liberal a sexist, and he knows it. Only Sentaor Obama could say plainly what every human in America knows right now without taking political flack: Senator Hillary wants to be treated like everybody's younger sister when she really wants to be everybody's daddy.

If you want to be Daddy, you have to wear the pants and carry the load -- you can't cry foul because the other boys play with you like you're a boy. Buck up, Senator Hillary. Putin and Amajadanad or whatever his alphabet-soup name is aren't going to play tea party if you become president: they are going to play full-contact ball. If you can't take it in the primaries, you prolly won't be able to take it when Iran runs blows up a radioactive hole in the middle of the desert and then tells you that while the market says gas is $100 a barrel, they are now charging $250 and you can take it or leave it.

Points to Obama. I hope he wins so that Ron Paul can explain to him that life begins at conception, and that nobody is too poor to be born. I'll enjoy that.