soccer update: semifinals


We played the Geckos, coached by the evil Dr. Wakefield (comic book rule: all evil scientists are "Doctor", all good intellectuals are "Professor"; the notable exceptions are Professor Moriarity and Dr. Strange), who beat us the last time 4-2, and went through the season 8-1. We took the early lead at half time and were ahead 2-0, but they staged a comeback in the third period, tying it up at 2-2. In the last minute of play, the ball was loose in front of the goal, and after a series of rebounds, our star scorer finally nailed it home to win the game 3-2. Howitzer indeed.

We get a night off tomorrow, and then we play Thursday at 5:30 for the championship. I'd post video of the game, but who knows how someone would misuse it.

Now My Wife is going to take me to the hospital to check to see if I had a heart attack.