the other thing today

I know some of you think I have drunk the Obamaniac Kool-Aid because I keep pointing out why Senator Obama is a better candidate than Senator Clinton. Yeah, listen: if you're excited about a McCain presidency, I think that you're probably a little stupid and a little naive. Senator McCain is a war hero, a veteran senator, he obviously married well. McCain is a republican (small "r", and only in the sense that he's been nominated by the party), and in that he at least has an active and vocal constituancy on the Right to Life movement, and as far as I'm concerned that's all he's got going for him: he's associated with (even if he does not agree with) the right wing of the Republican party.

So I'm not going to vote for Obama in November. Relax.


Now, that said, even though Obama has married himself to negotiating with evil men like Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe (but apparently not evil men like George Bush with whom he has much more in common), I read this analysis of the DNC process this election cycle, and it speaks to something that is important for those of you who are voting Democrat this year.

Here's what I think about this: I think that the data in that article indicates that Senator Obama will be a far more gifted politician than Senator Clinton because he knows how to get people who will actually do the work necessary to get things done. In that, he's your better choice for the DNC nomination.

And for those who are curious, here's what that has to do with the Gospel: Christ died for our sins, but he didn't die to make any person the inevitable candidate for any political office. Those who think that he did, or wish that he did, need to take a decade off to get his priorities straight.