Perfectly relaxed?

If people want to know why Hillary Clinton can't win this primary season, here's why. In that link you'll not find a list of mistakes or strategic errors, but a frankly-clear view of what her husband has been doing for he all year.

Of particular interest in this little blurb:

Now, think about this -- what a great opportunity for "master communicator" Bill Clinton to paint his wife in rags-to-riches detail in wholly-sympathetic terms. But what the ex-president does instead is paint his wife's point of origin as if she was nothing before she met him.

You know: the narrative should be that she's a self-made midwesterner who overcame class and gender to become an influential and change-making Senator. Instead her husband says, in effect, that she used to be an introvert without self esteem "when I met her" and now (after "I met her"), she's, well, losing so gracefully.

I have a theory: Bill Clinton doesn't really want Hillary to win this thing because he's afraid, because she's smarter than he is, that she'll be the more effective president with the better legacy. But it's not a conscious thing: it's a deeply-unconscious thing which he is trying to mask over, and it's driven in part by the guilt he feels for having a debt to her for not divorcing him during the Monica Lewinsky thing.

It's just a theory. Do with it what you will.