Dr. Horrible

Don't watch it. Especially, don't watch episode 2. And when Episode 3 comes out on Saturday, don't watch that, either.

Listen -- I'm not even linking you to it, so don't blame me if you watch it -- you had to go out and google it, and figure out which site is the fan site and which has the episodes on it, so when you found it and watched it (and I'm saying: don't watch it, so if you watched it, it's because you chose to) it's because you chose to.

I mean, the police do watch the vodcast, so they know.

Just, you know: it's the internet. You shouldn't watch everything on the internet.

UPDATED: well, but you should at least read the COMIC BOOK so you're not completely without sociological and missiological context. Seriously: don't live in a hole.

UPDATED AGAIN: Ok -- first of all, no spoilers. And if you're not watching it like I said, that won't matter to you anyway. But in the first place, Who knew this was a tragedy? Man -- that was unbelieveable. And in the second place, that's so 70's to end like that. I mean, [spoilers omitted]? That's how every issue of Spider-man ended between 1972 and 1983.

However, I would say this: this little 40-minute musical gives great insight into popular culture's self-perception.

I'm going to give you all a week not to watch it (or watch it, if you don't mind a couple of relatively clear but brief adolescent man-humor incidents), and then I'm going to tell you what I really think about this 3-part (not to say "threepenny") opera.