Classic Totalitarian rhetoric

Read this.

Now ask yourself: "Why does he want a nuclear bomb if he believes what he is saying?"

When someone is either this self-deceived or this willing to openly lie, there is no reasoning with him. His texxtbook was written by his historical fathers in totalitarian encroachment over the last 150 years, and if we do not recognize it we are our own worst enemies.

UPDATED: That Mike Wallace -- he's about as sharp as white American cheese. You read the first one, right? Read this.

Let's see -- is a short man who seems friendly and outgoing, but if we get past Wallace's star-struck view we can also see that this person is tempramental and skiddish (note the part about the schedule interview nearly being called off -- until the cameras are about to go home to the Great Satan; also note that a 30-min interview turned into 90 minutes of tape -- apparently face time with Mike Wallace is a lot more important to Ahmadinejad that anything else he had scheduled as President)(nothing like Hitler, btw). Wallace also forgot to mention what a great soccer fan Ahmadinejad is, which is unforgivable.

Today in her column, Ann Coulter said that the defeat of Joe Leiberman in the CT Democratic senate primary this week is proof that Americans have lost the will to survive in a post 9/11 world. I think this proves her right.