No Loose Ends

I got an e-mail this evening from this quarter's chairman of the Truly Reformed non-conformist pseudo-presbytery, and it seems I am remiss in linking to an important and reasonably-new work.

It's an e-book by Steve Hays refuting the latest in a series of books by alleged atheist advocates regarding the historical reality of the resurrection. When I got the e-mail, I started searching my site for a review of this book because Steve linked me to it back in January, and I remember reading the w-h-o-l-e thing in order to write a critique of it. I am sad to say that my critique is not on the blog, and it's also not on my primary computer.

That's prolly good news for you people as having to read my 5-7 pages of toadying praise for Steve's meticulous vivisection of the current iteration of atheist historical hypotheses about why there was no tomb (empty or not), no Jesus to walk out of it, and certainly no honest believers in such a thing would be excessive.

Suffice it to say: if you need to stay current on the state of the art of counter-atheist apologetics, this would be a good book to review.

The book is called This Joyful Eastertide: A Critical Review of The Empty Tomb. It's a free service of the TR blogosphere -- something, by the way, the Emergents never consider doing. Because they're not polemicists, you see.

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