Prayer warriors: ho!

here are all kinds of
blog carnivals out there for all kinds of meta-disasters and whatever. I have something else I'd like to try.

Libbie, our English Muffin, is sick. Without divulging more than she already has on her blog, she's sick and will be sick until about Christmas, and she has 3 little ones and a loving husband who need her the way all of us need the wife and mom in our own houses.

As is the custom of the blog, we'll ask for prayer for Libbie. Right now, bow your head and tell God that in spite of our sinfulness, He's faithful and in that faithfulness we trust; and we are counting on His faithfulness to comfort Libbie -- with healing and with emotional and spiritual fortitude.

But I'm also asking you to blog for prayer for Libbie. You -- whoever you are, whatever false, non-baptistic counter-reformational cult you belong to (sorry: just kidding) -- pray, and then ask others to pray.

Can you be serious about prayer? Can you ask others to be? If you're tongue-tied, just track back to this post.

And, as a side note, I'd also ask for prayer for my wife today for (as we say in Baptist circles) unspoken requests.

Go on: don't be a slacker about this.