Technorati tag: Mark Driscoll

I'm posting this just to watch the Technorati traffic from the Mark Driscoll police pass through the blog. I'm really a jerk about stuff like this, but when I figure out somebody is as cross-eyed as I am about who's talking about one's self on the internet, I like to contemplate my own sanctification (or lack thereof) by making fun of theirs.

BTW, I sent an apology to Pastor Driscoll about my attitude toward him -- because in the end, there's a pretty significant truth about what he does vs. what 95% of all churches in America do: he's making disciples and planting churches that are making disciples. You might want to pick a fight over whether he's making disciples like John Knox and Charles Spurgeon made disciples -- you know, disciples that change their culture rather than disciples that are making another kind of the same culture most Christians live in now -- but as I said before, even if Mars Hill winds up being a Dolly Madison cake with a secret Gospel filling, it's doing a lot more of what's right than (no offense, Tad) my local church is doing.

When was the last time your church -- you, the reader -- preached the Gospel to a porn star or a drunk, or any kind of sinner who didn't just happen to wander in? Jesus didn't come for those who are well, but for those who are sick. We should think about that as we baptists think about the matter of "separation".

Which is a nice segue for the rest of the posts this week ...