Michael Spencer eats worms

Listen: he started this, OK? He's the one who has "new found respect" blahblahblah, which you can read about here. Pheh.

Here's what I didn't say in my last post: I didn't say, "Gospel and Missions More Important Than Occasional Impolite Language". My apology to Pastor Driscoll is about the way I have positioned myself against him as if he didn't preach the Gospel, or as if he was off the Gospel path, or whatever that means. I didn't make any apologies for casting the stink-eye on his application of James 3 (or lack thereof): the apology I sent Pastor Driscoll had to do with my motives in some of my criticisms of him.

He and I share a singular vice: we have sharp tongues which, often enough to exceed once in a blue moon, cut deeper and perhaps not as surgically as we would like them to. That's bad. I didn't apologize for that. I apologized for forgetting that the Gospel has to be preached to the lost even though they don't want to hear it -- a virtue he has which I have sometimes lapsed away from, and which is more important that having content for my blog.

I didn't apologize for what he did: I apologized for what I did - and that's a distinction I think iMonk's victory lap seems to miss.

UPDATED: Oh please -- iMonk went and deleted the post. Frank disagreed with me and it'll spoil my weekend! W-a-a-a-a-a-a! This wasn't even very insightful correction -- it was pretty run-of-the-mill "my side of the story" stuff. How's that rate anathemacious behavior?