[$] Bark beats Snark, and other news

I was going through the motions this morning, and I came across this:

Mr. Limbaugh's audience of Persons 12+ is three and a half times the size of Mr. Franken's audience. Among Adults 25-54, Mr. Limbaugh more than triples Mr. Franken's audience.
Personally, I don't listen to Rush anymore, but L.A. should be Franken's home court. Maybe it turns out that Al Franken is just not funny and Rush is.

Either way, somebody has to do some self-assessment. I thought for sure that the Lefties could field a media dream team to "take back" the airwaves, but apparently there is no left-wing dream team. When they lost Dennis Miller (and did they ever have him, really?), there was no bench.

In other things that I prolly don't know anything about, here we are, a year away from mid-terms, and I'm going to say this before the crush starts: I want Hillary to run for President. I want them to field their first string this time so that when they lose the White House *again*, maybe the Democrats will realize that they have a failed ideology and they need to find something else to do with their time besides complain about things most people have no stake in -- or have a stake against.

Lastly, I have nothing to say about Bush nominating a lawyer and not a sitting judge to the Supreme Court. It looks bad to me, but I'm bitter because I didn't get past the vetting. Rove's e-mail to me said that "because you have an enemies list that looks like the rogue's gallery from the 1960's Batman series, we can't take you seriously for SCOTUS. However, Jeb is looking for a new Attorney General and we also have an inside line that Lakewood Church is looking for a new proprietor for its bookstore ..."