[*] A 20-year-old-beef (side dish)

The Man Called Cash: The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend, by Steve Turner

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To try and be even-handed about my complaints about U2, I wanted to put this little book in here. I read it last night, and it is the perfect counter-example to U2's hide-and-go-seek "faith" and "Christianity". Sure: Johnny Cash was a flawed man with problems we ought to call "sin problems" that he struggled with his whole life. But that was exactly his confession, and overtly Cash admitted that his only hope, and his only salvation, was in Jesus Christ. No mincing words.

Turner offers this in this book:
{Cash} spoke most often of his spiritual pain. A battle waged within him, he said, between doing his divinely inspired desire to do right and his natural inclination to do wrong, between serving God and serving himself ...
..."I fight the beast in me every day, "he once said. "I've won a few rounds with God's help."
I highly recommend this book for a testimony from a man who never compromised his faith in spite of his stutter-stepped walk.

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