[?] Seeking profession Help (pro bono)

No, this is not about the Bono book (which arrives today, so let's not forget that's still on the burner someplace, along with "he was buried, he was raised from the dead").

As many of you have noticed, the blog template has been updated from that very scary blue thing that I started with to this very soothing, non-confrontational white and gray thing. It's very nice, but it is also giving IE 6.X for PC fits. I have 3 ways to test the template -- on my Mac (OS 9.X, IE 5.X) at home, and on my PC at work (Firefox 1.0.1 and IE 6.X). I have no test data for Safari, but I'm also showing that less than 5% of all hits are coming from safari browsers. Becuase I am Mac loyal, Safari feedback is welcomed -- screenshots are better than descriptions.

But that brings me to my problem. The blog will not render properly in IE 6.X. The sidebar gets dislocated and shoved down the screen as if either the main div or the sidebar was too wide. Frank Martens was kind enough to troubleshoot the blog a little and thought he found a problem in an older post that was messing things up, but when I shortened the front page history to eliminate those entries, it didn't correct the problem.

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS AND CSS GEEKS: I need professional help. Here is the checklist of things I want to fix:

(1) I want the sidebar to render next to the main div. Like any blog. Here's my content; here are my links and other cool stuff.

(2) The first date listed (the one at the top of the main div) should line up with the top of the sidebar, so that the top of that gray bar with the date in it lines up with the top of the sidebar div.

(3) There should be no gap between the main div and the sidebar, so those gray date headers look like they are growing out of the sidebar.

(4) Likewise, the white headers for the link lists should have no gray line separating them from white body of the main div so they look like they are growing out of the main div.

For those who are really concerned about this and have all day to spend working out the details, the actual blogger template can be downloaded here. If you need to e-mail me, you can do that at carm_centuri0n at yahoo dot com.

Lovely. Thanks for your help.