[#] It's official

This has been simmering on the back burner for a little while, but since Phil Johnson has officially announced it I guess it's OK to say that there's a new cabal of theological grumblers in the blogosphere, and they're calling themselves "Team Pyro". The blogmeister is Phil, and there are four other people who have been invited and have accepted.

One of them is me.

As I'm typing this, it seems rather redundant to announce the launch of Team Pyro here since about 40% of my referring visits come from Phil's blog. However, the rest of you obviously have good taste and obviously have chosen blog reading as your hobby given the esoteric choices you make. So there's the link.

For those of you who are worried that this is yet another group blog that I have joined and will actually do nothing with, let me first berate you for your skepticism (Gummby). I was invited to join the blog at SolaGratia back in October and sadly have had nothing to give them because, frankly, they have a pretty high standard. Sure: some of my posts here are somewhat thought-provoking, but they're not in the nearly-academic and academic quality that the Sola blog produces on a somewhat-regular basis. And writing like that takes more time and effort than it does to, say, defend the practice of Santa Claus from unimaginative pseudo-Mennonites.

Yesterday, in preparation for the launch of Team Pyro, I contacted the guys at Sola and gave them the liberty to remove my name from their contributors list because I have (A) never contributed anything, and (B) will not likely contribute anything now that Team Pyro is armed and dangerous. There's nothing nefarious or secret and nasty about the change. I highly admire the guys at SolaGratia and hope that my impression of a theological whirling dervish has not harmed their reputation in any way.

So what does that mean, all things being even?

I have no idea. I am totally against making Team Pyro a mirror for this site. When I post there, I expect it to be topical and edgy and new stuff, just like I do here. I expect that I'll also maintain the comic book characters when appropriate because it breaks up the avalanche of text. And I expect to be able to still post here 4-9 times a week as I do now.

Now back to work with you. I have some things to do that I have to get paid for, and then I'm going to go back after controversy surrounding the Edge of the Spear.