[#] The lingering question

Because the discussion keeps getting derailed at Phil's blog, and I have said almost all I have to say on the subject there, I have not talked about the cessation vs. continuation debate that seems to almost break out in the blogosphere every other week.

It was a quiet week last week, so this must be the "on" week.

Listen: I'm not going to engage anyone on the topic of the cessation vs. continuation of spiritual gifts unless they can define the terms they are going to be defending or criticizing. If you're curious, I'm a cessationist (because I'm really a Baptist), and I'd define my position thus:

    "Cessationism" is the doctrine that the Apostles and their messengers where given signs and wonders to perform in order to validate the Gospel proclamation, that there is no promise or necessity to any future generation for those gifts, and that there is no "lesser" form of the Apostolic gifts.
If you're a continualist and you want to discuss this matter, the only way I'll engage you with more than a flourish of graphics and smart quips is if you begin by defining your position is an equally-concise and equally-specific way. If you cannot manifest the spiritual gifts of brevity or order, I have no interest in a flame war on this topic. I am interested, however, in discussing the idea that God is actively manifesting outwardly-miraculous signs and wonders in the world today for the same reason He has always done such a thing.

There ya go. Happy New Week.