[*] Why I have my own blog

One of the things that won't get aired out at PyroManiacs is stuff like this, from Kevin Johnson at Doug Wilson's blog:
Frank Turk,

Wilson didn't get me to admit anything. I've never had an issue with Scripture being clear. Just because we may not agree doesn't mean that I somehow think that the Scriptures are not clear especially in regards to our salvation. Your comments are unappreciated and unwarranted as usual.
That's an amazing statement from the fellow who wrote this entry at communio sanctorum. You read that essay, and if you have any questions post them here and I'll flesh out the particular aspects of my "unappreciated and unwarranted" opinion about Kevin Johnson as soon as we finish up with the End of the Spear.

I'd put the talking monkey up here, but even he is speechless.