[!] Classic Gospel, tone-deaf world

Yes, I've been ranting about coverage regarding in . And I've been somewhat merciless to the megaBloggers who have jumped on this bandwagon. But this is being played off by them as a political human rights matter.

Here's what brother Rahman has to say about what is happening to him [translation, HT: Afghan Times]:
Being hanged to death! I accept it, yes I do, but I am not an infidel as I am branded and I am not an apostate. I am a Jesus Follower (Christian).
Listen: that's the kind of testimony that needs to be heard here. He's not pleading for his life, is he? He is preaching the Gospel -- that faith in Christ is not an act of falsehood or a matter of comparative religion but a matter of ultimate truth -- right up to the moment at which his life will either be forfeit or spared.

Yes: it is a horror that it is a crime to be a convert to Christ. It is politically unacceptable. But if this story becomes about the politics of this event and not about what Abdul Rahman is preaching as he is threatened with death, his testimony is muted by the partisan cotton in our ears.

There is a visitor to this blog who has asked, "does it matter if I sign the petition?" And I say it does matter. But the larger question is whether we use tis opportunity to clearly and concisely preach the Gospel.

Abdul Rahman is not willing to die for democracy or republican government: he is willing to die for the sake of Christ. That is the story. Do not miss that story. Do not fail to tell that story.