[?] Or bust, right?

I have a new goal for the blog, and it puts my dreams of TTLB domination to shame.

I found this list today, and I noticed that there are no "God Blogs" on it. I'm talking to you, Hugh Hewitt, btw.

It is my new blog goal to shamelessly get this blog into the Technorati top 100. Many of you are appalled; some are offended; some are even delinking me as we speak to pummel my sense of decency back into a manageable pudding.

It will not work. By hook, by crook, by word of mouth, and by shameless self-promotion, I will break the T-100. For Jesus and the Gospel, people. If Mark Driscoll can call Dog the Bounty Hunter a good Christian witness to society, I can get this blog into the T-100.

You watch me. A year ago, nobody knew about this troubling and gaudy blog. A year from now ...

... eh. I'll probably be in jail.