[*] It's like St. Patty's day

In one of my shortest blog entries to date, I have something to say about the blogosphere today:

I think today is like St. Patty's Day for "Christian" bloggers: it's easy to pull out the green gear and have a cabbage-and-corned-beef with a Guiness over Abdul Rahman today. Where are you the rest of the year?

With all these people suddenly with their Christian sensibilities in a bunch over Abdul Rahman, you'd think that it was a high-priority thing for them that the Christian message get out. For example, Michelle Malkin has mentioned Jesus Christ a total of 37 times in the history of her blog, and the word "gospel" only 12 times -- with only 2 of them refering to the message of Christ's work. Hugh Hewitt has mentioned the word "gospel" 18 times in the history of his blog (10 of those refer to the work of Christ), and mentioned Jesus Christ 28 times. Of course, if all they did was press the point that they will not deny Jesus Christ in any context, they might sacrifice their careers. Not their lives, right?

It is a fine political point that Abdul Rahman ought not to be killed for choosing Christ over Mohammed: that is hardly the actual point regarding what Abdul Rahman has done in choosing Christ over Mohammed.

UPDATED: here's the kicker -- Malkin is now angry that President Bush isn't taking notice that suddenly one person is going to be executed under Muslim law for converting to Christianity.

It seems to me that on the days Mrs. Malkin is awake and looking around, those injustices are important, but the rest of the year -- when there are literally hundreds of instances of reported persecution in non-Christian countries every month -- Mrs. Malkin is far more concerned with "moonbats", Cindy Sheehan, and the inane and obscure Al Franken.

The criticism of the White House may be morally correct: it has the timbre of shrill opportunism as it echoes on this side of the blogosphere.