#moonfruit mania

Because I have succumbed to #moonfruit mania on Twitter, I am resorting to posting pictures of sad homeschool children in order to draw the the sympathy of the judges and somehow get them to pick me! pick me! for one of the keen MacBook laptops they are giving away for their 10th anniversary

In this picture, we see said pathetic homeschool child with the computer her father used to draft his Master's thesis some 20 years ago. Of course, she is not forced to use said nostalgic box, but it's included to give you some idea of the environment she's growing up in.

This is actually one of the computers she is forced to use for homeschool. Yes: it's a nice white laptop, but it's actually the same age as she is. Would you use a computer which was the same age as you? I think not.

This last photo is a picture of this sad and deprived child and the computer she's forced to use when her brother is doing school work. It's from 1998, and while it's very stylish in black, it runs an OS with a single-digit referent which the manufacturer doesn't even support anymore. It doesn't even have internet connectivity, for pete's sake!

So as the very solemn and serious judges of #moonfruit think about the future of their competition, they should think about this poor, sad-faced girl and her father (who is above the age of 16, and therefore qualified to win, you see) who are clearly in dire need of one of the #moonfruit prizes.