R. Scott Clark Fan Club

After you read this sweet note from December of last year, I invite you to join me in the R. Scott Clark Fan Club.

The great thing about it is this: it's for you and your children. And if you don't think you can make your children a fan of Scott Clark simply by saying so, you're not actually a member. Yes, yes: you may or may not be a fan (we'll check your other credentials later and make a weak-tea concession that you think he's dreamy), but any group which doesn't necessarily say their children are also fans of Scott Clark from birth -- these people are clubless.

I brought this up to resident ingrate and malcontent Cubby Martinez, and Cubby asked me, "centu -- will your children also have full voting rights? Do they have all the benefits of membership? Can they hold office? Because I think you are asking for something which you don't really understand."

To which I replied: Cubby -- don't start blabbering at me about that. Clearly, you think fandom for Scott Clark is about works, and it's not: it's about Scott being gracious enough to love us in the first place. You must be some kind of crypto-catholic or something.

More on this later -- you can put your membership applications in the comments.