Mostly right

Because iMonk is made that I picked on him via Twitter, here's something he said recently that I'd own:
It’s hit me like a ton of bricks this past year: the blogosphere is full of voices that think we are all a bunch of big brains, and nothing more. We need more information. More data. More sermons. More books. More facts. More lectures. We are what we think. We are what we hear, read and think. So open up those brains and pour it in…after an appropriate prayer.

Behind this is a view of humanness that needs to be called out. (More SHOCKING REVELATIONS!!)

What thousands of evangelicals are experiencing is not a call from the Holy Spirit to become an overstuffed theological brain with a vocabulary that can only be decoded by a committee of seminary professors and a reading list that looks like the “atonement” shelf at a seminary bookstore.
I think he's mostly right. The lopsidedness of the 4 corners of English-speaking Evangelidom is true -- even if it's not all the same lopsidedness.

I think iMonk is right about the people who are big brains, or want to be. The rest of his post you might haggle over, but here's the thing: you gotta do something. You have to do more than read books all day and call yourself a Christian -- because the truth is that the Christians who overcame the pagan world frankly didn't have a lot of books. They had a life in a community around a Gospel which was given by God through His resurrected Son. And somehow they did it without being any kind of belligerent: they did it by being grateful and generous and loving and kind.

Can you say the same thing? If not, leave iMonk alone.