Mark your calendars

This weekend I was trying to catch up on podcasts, and I got Mark Driscoll's first answer to the 9 questions thing, and I got to the Q&A for the late-nite session at Ballard.

This is a historical day.

I just read this post by Steven J. Camp after listening to Pastor Mark Driscoll's birth control Q&A.

... wait for it ...

Wow. I agree with Steve. Not only is that not a talk you'd hear at the local homeschool co-op or in a rural church where guys churn their own butter, that's a talk which simply goes outside the bounds of public decency. Ephesians 5 anyone? It's one thing to give that kind of advice (such as it is) in a private context, but from the pulpit?

Ouch. Steve was brave enough to link to the offending content. Sorry kids -- I'm not that brave. I'm not hardly brave enough to listen to this for more than 30 seconds at a time. ME. And I think he gives bad advice on top of everything else, so there's not much I can do to even say "yeah but ..." on behalf of MHC for this presentation.

Apparently Mark doesn't want to be the 21st century Billy Graham ... or maybe he does and is and I'm the one who doesn't get it. Either way, that's a hall of shame moment for those of us who are on-record as fans of Mark and Acts29.

I need 2 Excedrin and a Coke ...