Whilst in the winter solstice of blogging...

... I have updated the scripts that render the headlines in Flash 9 for you tech-savvy types, and have declared that I am not going to help out you non-savvy people in order to inflict guilt on myself and cause me to do something about the non-flash css which looks like a typographical dumpster dive.

Let me know if the headlines are rendering at a faster pace, especially on slower systems and older browsers (I'm looking at you, IE6)

in other tech-savvy news, Google analytics has updated its tracking widget, so if you are using it, you might want to replace your legacy code with the real deal so you can take advantage of the much vaunted "future improvements" to GA. I am sure one of those is bending your will to the corporate decrees of the Google-shtag, which will undoubtedly make the world a safer, more orderly place.