think about this

OK -- tomorrow at TeamPyro I'll post my review of Challies' new book, but a discussion which, I think, will establish our bent for the balance of 2008, has broken out in the meta.

Before I post something on that, you should think about this:

In our culture, many people -- most, if we read the statistics -- have sex before marriage, and plenty of it. So culturally speaking, sex is being abused on a wholesale scale and our culture simply has too much sex.

What if, as an ambassador of Christ and a bearer of His name, suggested (or even demanded) that no Christian under any circumstances -- certainly no single person, but also not any married people for the sake of our testimony to the culture -- have sex? In fact, let me suggest it openly:

Because there's so much misuse of sex in our culture today, I recommend that in order to offer a Gospel-centered correction, no Christian should have sex at all under any circumstance -- whether they are married or single.

Who's with me?