We interrupt the bruhaha

One of the people who, over the years, has greatly influenced me spiritually has been Dr. James White. That's not a badge of honor in a lot of circles, but those circles tend to be places where they play a lot of theological twister, so they don't worry me much.

I bring it up because I usually don't bring it up at all -- mostly because I recognize that often my approach to internet engagement isn't the came calibre as what James brings to the table, and frankly I don't want to bring any of my baggage to James' doorstep. He's an honorable man who is an elder in his church, and I'm just a guy with comic book art on his blog.

But that said, James has published a video to YouTube you need to watch:

And I bring it up because this is an interesting turn of events for James. For years, he's been engaged in what I think it is safe to label "house" apologetics -- apologetics for Christians and against aberrations of the faith which pose as orthodox expressions all across the spectrum. It's sort of the primary work of the elder that he's been doing, and it was good in general and overall instructive to me personally.

But this new thing -- an apologetic focus on Islam -- is a little more interesting, if you ask me. There is no greater question in the world today than whether Islam and the Christian faith can coexist, or whether they should coexist, or in what way one might be superior to the other. It is the basis of a much more immediately-dangerous culture war than the one we have been fighting in the West for the last 3 centuries because quite literally Western political culture is at stake.

For James White to be digging out trenches on that front does not bode well for Islam and its apologists. This is work which is both defensive and evangelical, and I applaud him for answering that call.